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"Dance me to the end of love" by Ulrike Molsen
  narrative feature - screenplay in development
Supported by the Minister of State for Cultural and Media Affairs

DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE tells of two people whose encounter in communist East Germany changed both their lives – a major in the Stasi secret police and the daughter of one of his victims.

The girl dared to give a rebellious speech in the schoolyard to show her conforming father how to be an honest person. This speech however awakened the ambitions of Major Winkler in the Stasi secret police who then started interrogate the girl's family. Faced with this danger, her father immediately took all the blame for his daughter's behavior. He gave false evidence to take her out of the firing line. Though Major Winkler knew that her father was lying and only wanted to protect his daughter, he sent him to prison for confessing his "subversive anti-state behavior". The girl's family got destroyed.

Two years later, after the collapse of communism, the girl and the major encounter each other again and in a different world - America. In fact they are both the reason why the other left their homeland to begin a new life. She has become a stripper, living a life of drugs and dirt with no regard for tomorrow. He works in a car repair shop, replies to ads for a marriage partner and is struggling with the new language. No matter how much they both wish to be free of everything and put their past behind them – they cannot escape from themselves. What they destroyed has not been healed. Both of them feel alien and alone in this new world. Now however the girl suddenly sees a purpose to the life she's leading here: She wants her revenge. And all she has to do is: Seduce the former major and take him to the cleaners.

A unique tale of love begins, one of guilt and forgiveness, of victim and perpetrator; a tale which unfolds completely different to all the other tales – of how a girl and a major become each other's most important source of support.